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About Us

Theranosticum Vienna consists of a highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals specialized in the field of theranostics. The interdisciplinary team is composed of experienced physicians, nuclear medicine specialists and scientists who combine their knowledge and expertise to provide innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

The team at Theranosticum Vienna is characterized by its close cooperation and holistic approach. It works hand in hand to develop customized therapy plans for each individual patient. By using the latest imaging techniques and molecular diagnostics, the team enables precise diagnosis and targeted treatment of various diseases, especially in the field of cancer therapy.

Theranosticum Vienna places great emphasis on continuous development and research. The team is actively involved in national and international collaborations and participates in clinical trials to stay on top of the latest medical innovations. With passion and professionalism, the team at Theranosticum Wien works to provide patients with the best possible care and therapy while breaking new ground in personalized medicine.


Prof. Werner Langsteger M.D.


Specialist in nuclear medicine, court-certified expert and managing director of Theranosticum Vienna.


Prof. Marcus Hacker M.D.


Specialist in Nuclear Medicine and Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the General Hospital (AKH) in Vienna.


Prof.  Markus Mitterhauser MSc PHD


Pharmacist and certified radiopharmacist at the General Hospital (AKH) in Vienna.


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