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Personalized Medicine

Diagnosis and therapy in perfect harmony

Who we are

As Theranosticum Vienna, we are committed to providing you with exceptional consultation in a friendly atmosphere. With our many years of experience, we are a leading center for medical diagnostics and therapy (theranostics), both regionally and internationally.

In collaboration with Privatklinik Döbling, one of the leading private clinics and specialized medical groups in Vienna, we aim to provide safe and effective care with a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment.

From the beginning, our philosophy is and has been to put our patients first. Our lived personalized medicine puts the patient first and not the disease.

No matter when or why you visit us, we offer comprehensive and expert interdisciplinary care.

General Aspects

The Principle of Theranostics
Theranostics represents an innovative and at the same time personalized approach to combine state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging with radio-ligand therapy (RLT). With the help of radioactively labeled drugs, it is possible to damage tumor cells in a targeted manner while at the same time sparing healthy tissue.

As Theranosticum Vienna, we offer specialized nuclear medicine imaging and therapies for a variety of cancer types.

Personalized nuclear medicine cancer therapies.
Based in Vienna, we currently offer therapies using 177Lutetium PSMA for metastatic prostate cancer, 177Lutetium DOTA-analogs for metastatic neuroendocrine tumors, and 177Lutetium FAPI for late-stage various tumors of the mammary gland, lung, pancreas, or colon.

Therapy of prostate cancer
Prostate cancer (PC) one of the most common cancers in men metastasizes especially to lymph nodes and bone.  

Therapy of neuroendocrine tumors
Neuroendocrine tumors (NET) are a very heterogeneous group of tumors that originate in neuroendocrine tissues and can occur in almost any part of the body.


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